You might be wasting your and user’s time

Servlet API is the most fundamental and enabling of the Java technologies used in Java Web applications. Any ordinary Java web application depends on Servlet API for handling HTTP requests and sessions. Prevailing today libraries such as Spring MVC or implementations of JAX-RS are built on top of Servlet API.

Logging anything without changes in the application code

I love to have detailed logs, but I hate seeing repetitive code like calls to a logger.

Normally Java applications have logs. For debugging or performance monitoring it can be very convenient to store in the log not only conditional diagnostic messages but also execution times of the key methods…

Parallel calculation of Fibonacci numbers in Java and JavaScript

Why to use multiple threads in JavaScript

Without I/O operations, JavaScript is slower than Java even several times. It is better to not to use JavaScript if you want that you code computes fast. However, compared to verbose Java, JavaScript is a very convenient language for data processing. What to do — to suffer with types and…

Marian Čaikovski

Java, JavaScript and SQL developer. PhD in Biology. Bothered by climate change. Why before vaccines COVID waves were not as high as lately? It seems that only c

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