Do you think more modern HTTP/2 is faster than legacy HTTP/1.1?

What is HTTP/2?

JavaScript is more straightforward than Java, let’s see if it is also faster.

Problems with URLs as module specifiers

import defaultExport from 'moduleSpecifier';

What live binding are

Properties of live bindings

// child.js
let variable = "value";
export { variable as default };

Why to load a JSON as a module?


console.log(undefined && 'a'); //undefined
console.log(0 && 1); //0
console.log('a' && 'b'); //b
function and(value1, value2) {
if (value1) return value2;
else return value1;

It is much easier to develop web applications when HTML templates and JavaScript stay separate. The template of the illustration is borrowed from Human Vectors by Vecteezy.

Marian Čaikovski

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