How Errors are inferior and superior to bare strings

What is Error?

It is an ordinary class. The modern constructor of Error has two parameters, both are optional:

new Error(message, options)

Just creating a new Error object has no special effect. To interrupt code execution and see an error message in the console, the Error has be thrown with a throw statement.

Why migrate from Java 8 to 17?

Over 7 years have passed since Java 8 was released. However, some developers are still stuck with Java 8. Why?

Probably for some developers it is not so clear why to migrate. Particularly for those who read Oracle Java Magazine. Could you get some inspiration from

Let’s review the…

JavaScript modules have some imperfections though

For example, terminology. How to call them when searching some information in Google — JavaScript, JS, ECMAScript, ES or ES6 modules? In this post I stick to the Node.js documentation choice— ES modules.

ES modules can be used directly in a browser starting from 2018, but until 2021 it was…

The websites accepting Google identity, which is hard to automate, also accept Facebook identity which poses no problem.

For some reasons lately Google does not allow automatic logins. puppeteer-extra-plugin-stealth plugin helps to mislead Google but only if the browser controlled by Puppeteer is visible. A visible browser is of little use. Ordinary servers can run only a headless Chrome, which is efficiently detected by Google.

If you are…

Google cloud is a nice place for playing with virtual machines for free. To enjoy playing you need a user-friendly SSH client.

Google cloud allows using its virtual machines for free. New customers get $300 credit for trying out Google Cloud.

Why not PuTTY?

PuTTY is a totally functional but inconvenient archaism. It has not changed much for years. MobaXterm is more than PuTTY and it offers a more user-friendly interface. …

Marian Čaikovski

Java, JavaScript and SQL developer. PhD in Biology. Concerned about coronavirus and climate change.

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